Thursday, December 18, 2008

Run Daniel. Run.

So, I'm sitting here somewhat numbed by today. Over all, it was a good day. Daniel had school. I made a few goodies. We went sledding as a family. I talked with a friend of mine for a while. I had a wonderful prime rib dinner. And then, life happened...and Daniel "ran away" while I was at a ward Christmas party.
It figures that the 5 other times I went to check where he was, he was inside. As I was about to leave, an older man came in and asked if anyone was missing a little boy about 4 years old. I immediately said, "that sounds like mine." To which I was instructed to go with him to his home where the police were. (I was quite frustrated with myself.)
Daniel is oblivious to any concern that I may be worried about where he is. He seemed quite happy to be looking at a beautiful Christmas tree and eating a candy cane. I simply said, "Hey, bud, did you go for an adventure?" and that was it. The police took my information and we went home. Who knows, I may be getting a call from a social worker sometime--I have been through this before when he was 2 (Usually I find him before police have to get involved).
So, that was my fun adventure for the evening. I am contemplating not going to social events in large spaces with my kids when my husband is not home to help me--it proves to be more than I can handle.


  1. ACK! I briefly thought to myself as I was eating, "I sure hope Darcy doesn't run out the doors while we're not looking."

    Maybe we should give people callings to guard the unlocked doors during ward functions . . .

    This is SO not your fault! You have two children, and you didn't have a husband for the evening.

    I give you HUGS! How wonderful that this ended up well.

    Daniel, Daniel, Daniel...

    *shakes head*

  2. I am so sorry. I am glad that he was safe. That must have been a very scary moment. PS I need you to email me your address so i can send a card to you. I can't find where I wrote it.

  3. When I was 5 I went to a friends for a sleep over, and her older sister and her friend teased me so bad I ran away. Luckily we lived on a fort in VA, and when I sat in the middle of the street crying, a woman came out of her home and took me inside. She called the MP's and instead of contacting my dad (they actually knew who he was) they decided to drive me home. They passed my house, and stopped at a neighbors where my dad was actually visiting because they recognized the car. I don't think I was in trouble when they found out why I ran away.

    Back in March we had child services visit us because an old tenant from upstairs hated us, after she got kicked out, she called them up and told them a bunch of crap. We chatted for 5 minutes and they happily went on their way.


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