Monday, December 29, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again--Resolutions!

There was an article in today's newspaper that caught my attention & gave me a little laugh. I thought I would share a bit of it and then include my thoughts:

Resolutions for mommies aren't always easy
By Erin Stewart Deseret News Published: Monday, Dec. 29, 2008 12:00 a.m. MST
...So this year, I've decided to be more realistic. I'm making a list of all the New Year's resolutions I'd love to make and keep as a mother, but know I never will...
So here are my 2009 Wish-I-Could-But-Come-On-I'm-Human Resolutions:
To be showered and dressed every single day by 10 a.m. Well, except if the baby is sick. Or I'm sick. Or it's snowing. Or I stayed up late the night before. Or it's a Friday. OK, let's say by 3 p.m. and the shower is optional.
2. To not toss my daughter, Nicole, like a hot potato to my husband when he walks through the door. This is something I promised my pregnant self I would never do because I know my husband works hard and he shouldn't have to come home and take over mommy duty. Well, it's 21 months later and if my husband isn't home within five minutes of his estimated time of arrival, you can bet I'm calling him in a panic. I thought I'd be different, but there's something about talking baby talk, listening to "Wheels on the Bus" for the 100th time, wiping baby slime off the VCR and saying "No, no, don't eye-gouge mommy" all day that makes me forget that my husband works, too. So sorry honey, you're up.
3. To always be calm and patient. Ha Ha Ha.
4. To not compare my child to other children. Oh, I acted like I didn't care when the 10-month old in my neighborhood started walking before Nicole did. I was devastated. I can never admit this to the other moms, of course, and my party line still is, "Oh, babies all develop at different times. It really means nothing."
Then I go home and put my daughter through training drills.
5. To not be enormously jealous when Nicole picks daddy over me.
Sure, I change her, feed her, bathe her, research her rashes, gave up a career, have stretch marks and devote my life to her. But daddy comes home, holds her upside down and lets her draw on herself with markers. I don't even have a chance. .. For the full article please visit,5143,705273638,00.html.
Well, here's my spiel on New Year's resolutions: Rule # 1 Do not make them for the sake of New Year's. Rule # 2 (see rule # 1). Pretty simple.

Honestly, I've never been one to do resolutions (unless it was some dumb assignment given me in a class or something). Instead, if you know me well enough, you will know that I am one to constantly be in the process of resolving, repenting, recommitting, and revising myself--Change really is a process of being and becoming. We're all a great work in progress, so to speak.--New Year's resolutions then become some type of what-I-should-do-better-cram-session that will in almost no way be retained in the long run. So, do yourself a favor, skip the New Year's resolutions and go straight for the personal goals actually within your grasp--you will feel much better about yourself if you do.

What do you think?


  1. Totally agree. I hate new years resolutions... hate them!

    I love this article. Thanks for sharing, sweetie. :)

  2. That article cracked me up! Funny resolutions.

    Yeah, I never make any either. Hate to make promises then never keep them - which is what always happens.

  3. 3. To always be calm and patient.

    It's a hard thing for me, but which I always hope.


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