Monday, February 2, 2009

Trying Times

I am a firm believer of Faith in Jesus Christ. Lately in the last month or two the themes of Faith and Obedience have been a common occurrence. I have often admired a friend of mine for her great faith in times of almost insurmountable difficulty. I honestly thought to myself, "I bet that there are people who think of me as an example of a woman of great faith amid adversity (like I do her)." Little did I suspect that I would soon have much more in common with her than I ever imagined.

I have learned along the way that obedience to the commandments of God bring happiness more than easiness. Often, the things we cherish most are those that require the most work, patience, and love--and most likely stretch us beyond what we are comfortable with. It is in these trying times that I truly must rely upon and lean upon my Savior for my greatest source of strength and unfailing support. Truly becoming a "saint through the Atonement of Christ" is a process of the refiners fire. It is difficult at times to feel comfort (other people are human after all), and yet have charity and compassion enough to still be a source of strength, comfort, and support to a loved one who is struggling spiritually. And still, I know that I am not alone and that there are many other people around me that can relate to my current situation.

It is in these trying times that I am tested and tried more than before. I have hope, for I know that "things will work out" as they always do somehow (though not always how I think it should) and that some day years from now I will see how it is that the Hand of God was in my current today's.

As I reflect upon the many difficulties I have experienced so far in this life, I realize that I am grateful for those trying times in my life: I would never want them to happen again in my life, nor on anyone else, but I would not nor could I take back the sweet lessons I have learned from them. Indeed the price of knowing and becoming like unto Jesus Christ is high and requires a sacrifice, consecration of all things in order that we may become sanctified. It is faith in Jesus Christ that allows me to stand strong and immovable in the gospel and in life.

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